Cougar Country Business Association "Shop Local" Raffle Recap

The CCBA 2016 “Shop Local” raffle is history. Thank you all member businesses that supported the second annual fundraiser (organizing, arranging prizes, donating prizes, selling tickets, etc.)!

Success would not have been possible without your help.

The winners are:

  • 1st Prize: Isaiah Bock
  • 2nd Prize: Don Bader
  • 3rd Prize: Debbie Rakowski
  • 4th Prize: Dan Alsteen
  • 5th Prize: Dawn Podoski
  • 6th Prize: Ken Zemple
  • 7th Prize: Joe & Judy Gerlache
  • 8th Prize: Vicki Johnson
  • 9th Prize: Marsha Behnke
  • 10th Prize: Jon Markiewicz
  • 11th Prize: Brian Hoffeller
  • 12th Prize: Ben Bedora
  • 13th Prize: Dona Maynard
  • 14th Prize: Mike Slack
  • 15th Prize: Scot Gatzke
  • 16th Prize: Dawn/ Cut-A-Bove
  • 17th Prize: Furkees

Note: We were having so much fun that we gave away an extra five prizes today.

Photo Gallery of the Grand Prize Winner

Remember too, 5th through 17th prizes are gift certificates that can be used at any CCBA member business.  If one of the lucky winners presents a certificate to you for their purchase, please accept it and contact Vern Christopherson, Treasurer for reimbursement (920) 604-0894.

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